Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Welcome to The Nintendo History System!

The Nintendo History System is a self-published graphic novel written and drawn by me (Bill Mudron) and self-published in chapter-long chunks. The first chapter - an 11-page prologue focused on the founder of the Nintendo company, Fusajiro Yamauchi, and his great-grandson, Hiroshi Yamauchi - will debut at The Stumptown Comics Festival in Portland, Oregon on April 24th, 2010.

I was inspired to create the The Nintendo History System after reading a fantastic manga called "Project X: Cup Noodle", which is a surprisingly entertaining comic about the invention of Nissin's Cup o' Noddle instant-soup. You would think that would be boring as hell to read, but the authors did a great job of dramatizing every decision made in the creation of Cup o' Noodle soup - everything from the styrofoam cup design to the search for shrimp that would retain it's pink color after being dehydrated was made into a life-and-death struggle of epic proportions.

Being a hardcore videogame addict, I naturally began to wonder why no one had ever created a similar "info-tainment" comic about the videogame industry, and thus, after some thinking, The Nintendo History System was born.

While I can't guarantee that TNHS will be *quite* as operatic as "Project X: Cup Noodle" (if it were, the comic would end up being 1000 pages long rather than just 100), I hope you'll enjoy it nonetheless.